Incendiary Thousand Mile Stare

Incendiary Thousand Mile Stare
It has been four years since Incendiary's last full-length release, but the wait has been well worth it — Thousand Mile Stare proves itself to be one of the most crushingly powerful hardcore records to come out of the scene in recent years and, across its ten tracks, cements itself as a new classic within the genre.
Incendiary have kept what's worked across their previous releases, but refined and honed these techniques across all songs here. Incorporating more technical rhythmic structures on songs like "Hanging from the Family Tree," along with moments of subtle polish, like the brief double kicks that roll into dissonant shots in the intro of "Sell Your Cause," the five-piece consistently deliver songs here that boast incredible technical prowess without ever overtly drawing attention or undercutting the freight train-like momentum they conjure.
If there is one thing that Incendiary have mastered here, it is the art of the build-up — in the way that regardless of how many there are throughout the record, each one takes a more unique and dramatic approach than the last, and as a result, make the payoff of each of these songs consistently devastating.
Brendan Garrone's vocal delivery drives each of the points he makes home with white hot rage brought forth by the sorry state of American politics, but in addition to this, also dives inwards on a number of songs here, adding introspective elements and new dimensions to the context of the record. Thousand Mile Stare is a cut above Incendiary's previous work, which is a feat in and of itself, and is nothing short of an absolute triumph. (Closed Casket Activities)