Incantation Blasphemy

Well, no surprise punches here, as Incantation deliver exactly what they do best: one hundred percent "written while in a Satanically-induced trance" death metal. This stuff smokes too; if they're not tearing your face off during the grinding death metal, they're crushing your miserable mortal existence with their slower than slow sludge sonics. Albums like Blasphemy really remind you just how good death metal can be when it's not watered down and played out. So, Blasphemy is Incantation, it's death metal, it's some of the best around, but there's not much more that can be said about it because it's simply more of what they've always done. Well, the lyrics are really funny (unintentionally) and the cover art is kind of embarrassing, but satanic bands rarely impress in those areas. Oddly enough, Christian bands often do. Blasphemy is highly recommended for the death metal legions. (Necropolis)