Impending Doom Nailed. Dead. Risen.

A cursory glance at the all too clean-cut, shorthaired Christian lads in Impending Doom might lead one to dismiss Nailed. Dead. Risen. as yet another half-assed metalcore effort from Facedown. One listen will crush all doubts. Gritty, lightening-paced death metal is the order of the day and despite a number of mosh-worthy pit slams and the group’s atypically righteous demeanour, their beliefs are, at least in their eyes, nothing to scoff at. These guys mean business, as indicated by the rough-and-tumble tempo shifts, grime-soaked production and guttural grunts that, incidentally, mask any questionable lyrical content effectively. Despite the lack of hooks or watered-down "core”-inspired inclusions, Impending Doom’s songs are strangely memorable and are stoked by the coals of true conviction, as opposed to merely retreading old ground lyrically and musically. This is well worth a look, especially for those burnt out on the same old death metal. (Facedown)