Impending Doom The Sin and Doom Vol. II

Impending Doom The Sin and Doom Vol. II
Christian deathcore pioneers Impending Doom haven't released a new album in five years, and given the quality of their latest, The Sin and Doom Vol. II, their break from music could have gone on a bit longer. While other acts in the genre have been pushing boundaries, Impending Doom have stuck to a formula that leaves little to desire.
Breakdown after breakdown, the band cycle their way through dull riffs that leave you wondering if you've listened to them already. The songs are far too long for how little substance and thought have been put into them, simply bashing listeners over the head with various tempos of open-note chugging.
They introduce an occasional riff that catches your ear, such as the intro to "The Serpents Tongue" or the harmonic-heavy groove in "Devils Den," but even these moments are sullied by the band relying on uninspiring breakdowns to fill the gaps. Aside from these few moments, there really isn't anything memorable about the record.
The Sin and Doom Vol. II comes across as a half-baked excuse to get Impending Doom back together. Christianity and death metal never seemed like a good pairing and this record proves that notion to be true. (eOne)