Immortal Technique Revolutionary Volume 2

"The bling-bling era was cute but it’s about to be done,” Harlem MC Immortal Technique spits disdainfully on "Industrial Revolution” from his second volume of incendiary rhymes. Indeed, if he is going to be talking about jewellery, Immortal Technique will likely raise the issue of the exploitation involved in its production. Applying metaphors that reference historical or current affairs rather than popular culture is the formula he thrives on for his fiery perspective. In this context, President Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld and virtually every American neo-conservative are his targets. While his lyrical content is unquestionably politically-minded, it’s also evident in his gruff, aggressive delivery he’s spent a significant amount of time battling in ciphers explaining his occasional political incorrectness. Atop production that’s occasionally too sparse, there are several illuminating moments. "Peruvian Cocaine” is an inventive posse cut, with each MC playing a role in the flow of drugs from the field to Harlem streets and "You Never Know” is a sincere AIDS-themed narrative featuring Jean Grae’s crooning. This latter track is the rare occasion where Immortal Technique wavers from his established formula that could do with a bit more variation and stronger beats, but the lyrical content is unquestionably the attraction and there’s nothing cute there. (Viper)