Immortal Lee County Killers II Piccadilly Pub, Vancouver BC — September 29, 2002

In the worldwide federation of deconstructed blues, the Immortal Lee County Killers II are the heavyweight champs and they have the belt to prove it. Ok, maybe the belt was just a knock-off prop, but the sentiment was authentic. Even with so many two-piece punk rock blues acts getting in the ring, the Killers proved they are worthy of their title. Taking a break from the lightning fast tempo of The Essential Fucked Up Blues! album, the Killers sang a gospel cover from 1901, "What Are They Doing in Heaven Today." Lead singer/slide guitarist Chetley "El Cheetah" Weise's thrashing redneck voice transformed into an angelic choir boy. Drummer the Tokien One joined in the chorus with a breezy whistle, adding an eerie chill to the antiquated tune. But it wasn't long before the Alabama slammers were back doing what they do best. At the end of the night, the Tokien One brought out the rock n' roll champion belt and stated the obvious: "There is no greater than the one, the only, the Immortal Lee County Killers."