Immense Spontaneous Combustion/E Flat Sonic Boom/Perhaps You Should Talk

This four-piece Bristol outfit doesn't quite live up to their name but they come awfully close. This three-track debut twelve-inch will find the band immediately compared to Mogwai, Hoovercraft and Sonic Youth. And at least, the single note opening of "Spontaneous Combustion," the precise drumming and gradually ebbing and swelling of the song that culminates in an emotionally spent climax, might suggest those bands. But guitars also contain the delicate melancholic strains of Durutti Column's Vini Reilly six-string musings. Still "Spontaneous Combustion" is a gentle ride compared to "E-Flat Sonic Boom.” And while its title might suggest an homage to the former Spacemen 3-er, the snaky, jagged back-masked guitar figures and taut drumming are more like Polvo meets Can for some glorious My Bloody Valentine-like crescendos. "Perhaps You Should Talk to Someone" is a respite from the other two tracks. Yet despite the jazzy post-rock vibes here, Immense make it clear that they are a guitar band as the repeated edgy riff that grounds the song makes plain. (Fat Cat)