Hard Core Logo 2 All Set for Premiere

<i>Hard Core Logo 2</i> All Set for Premiere
Iconic punk mockumentary Hard Core Logo now has a sequel, kind of. Though the 1996 film featured Headstones frontman Hugh Dillon playing the role of punk singer Joe Dick, who fronted the fictional Hard Core Logo, using him again would have been difficult considering, well, the character killed himself in the flick's final moments (sorry for the spoiler). That didn't dissuade director Bruce McDonald from bringing the character back for a second feature, albeit in a slightly different form.

An interview with Eye Weekly reveals that Hard Core Logo 2 struggled to get off the ground, especially considering Dillon's role on TV series Flashpoint, but once McDonald tweaked his script from being about Dick to a band that's haunted by his ghost, everything ended up okay.

"It started off as a kind of film about the strange return of Joe Dick and ended up being about a girl recording an album who's haunted by his ghost. It's a strange little movie," McDonald said.

Starring the members of Toronto rockers Die Mannequin, the sequel switches the road-story angle for a studio setting, useing a documentary style to chronicle the recording of an album. In the film, singer Care Failure claims to be inhabited by the spirit of Joe Dick.

"I guess, when people think of a sequel, they think of a retelling of that story, but years later or something," the director said. "This is framed as a documentary, like the first one was, but instead of touring, it deals with recording. And instead of a guy, it's a girl. It's like an opposite of the first movie, in the sense that the main characters you meet in the first movie are quite secondary here and it's the minor characters who come to the foreground -- namely Bucky Haight, the reclusive rock star they meet in the first one."

Hard Core Logo 2 makes its world premiere this Saturday (December 4) at the Whistler Film Festival.