Iggy Pop Is Narrating a New Film About King Tut

He will be the voice of 'Tutankhamun: The Last Exhibition'
Iggy Pop Is Narrating a New Film About King Tut
No stranger to film work, Iggy Pop is set to lend his voice to a new documentary. Tutankhamun: The Last Exhibition — an upcoming doc about the Ancient Egyptian child king Tutankhamun often known simply as King Tut — will be narrated by Pop, Variety reveals.

The film will chart the history of the king's tomb, from its discovery in 1922 to the touring Tutankhamun exhibition first launch in Los Angeles in 2019.

The doc is being produced in Italy by antiquities photographer Sandro Vannini's Laboratoriorosso Srl in partnership with Franco di Sarro's Nexo Digital. Vannini also appears in the film, as well as serves as its director of photography and one of its producers.

While the Italian version of the doc is being narrated by the musician Manuel Agnelli, Iggy Pop will be the voice of the international release.

"We were looking for somebody that could give a different appeal to the narration of the movie," Nexus Digital's Rosella Gioffré told Variety. "And we thought of [Pop] and he accepted."

Vannini added: "When we heard his voice for the first time we said this is the voice. This is what we need for this film. The voice of Iggy Pop is simply incredible."

Tutankhamun: The Last Exhibition was initially due to be released in 2020, but was delayed as a result of the pandemic. As of press time, it's unclear when the doc will now see its wide release.