If You Know How to Burn a CD, You're Probably Old

A Twitter thread from a member of Generation Z is making us all face our mortality
If You Know How to Burn a CD, You're Probably Old
If there's one thing the youth of today absolutely love to do, it's to inadvertently make us all feel old as hell. Take, for example, a Twitter user whose innocent question about CDs sent us all into an existential spiral as we faced our impending mortality.

A 17-year-old named Alyssa, who tweets as @tamarianians, started off the implosion with a seemingly innocent query — how the hell do you burn a CD, anyway?
Twitter user @theblackpcnther responded with a kind — if oversimplified — explanation that still left Alyssa feeling a little confused:
As the conversation progressed, Alyssa called the whole thing "weird yet fascinating." When other people weighed in, she doubled down on the fact that CDs are confusing for her generation:

Of course, while burning CDs has certainly gone out of style the whole conversation was dominated by unfiltered hatred launched at her from a variety of people, all of whom are undoubtedly insecure about their CD-burning knowledge and the oldness now attached to it: