Iceage "Morals" (video)

Iceage 'Morals' (video)
At least judging by their performance in Vancouver last month, Copenhagen post-punks Iceage forgot to pack a set of eighty-eights with them on their current tour to perform their stirring cabaret/post-punk hybrid "Morals," but you can now peep a piano-heavy live performance of the You're Nothing track captured at a studio back home earlier this year.

We're not too sure who's playing guitar in the vid, but that's regular six-stringer Johan Surrballe Wieth plopped in front of the piano, plunking out those spacious, melancholy chords. Singer Elias Bender R√łnnenfelt, meanwhile, is wringing out every drop of sorrow he can muster into his mush-mouthed passage on betrayal, which may explain why he's opting to grip the mic with leather gloves .

As previously reported, Iceage have more Canadian dates lined up on their North American tour, so you might want to see if your local venue can stock a Steinway in the near future.