Ian MacKaye's New Band Is a Fugazi/Evens Supergroup

Coriky are set to release their upcoming album on Dischord
Ian MacKaye's New Band Is a Fugazi/Evens Supergroup
Last year, we learned that Ian MacKaye had formed a new band with his former Fugazi bandmate Joe Lally and his former the Evens bandmate/life partner Amy Farina. Today, the band have revealed themselves to be called Coriky, and they've got a debut album on the way.

Their self-titled debut record will be released on March 27, and if you know anything about Ian MacKaye you know the rest of the details, but we'll tell you anyway: it was recorded by Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios, and it will be released via Dischord.

The band's debut single is called "Clean Kill," and it sounds like a perfect hybrid of Fugazi and the Evens. Fans of either of those projects will find plenty to love here. 

Listen to "Clean Kill" below.


1. Clean Kill
2. Hard to Explain
3. Say Yes
4. Have a Cup of Tea
5. Too Many Husbands
6. BQM
7. Last Thing
8. Jack Says
9. Shedileebop
10. Inauguration Day
11. Woulda Coulda