Ian MacKaye's Evens Working on New Full-Length

Ian MacKaye's Evens Working on New Full-Length
Last November, Washington, DC-area duo the Evens ended a five-year dry spell when they released their "Warble Factor"/"Timothy Wright" seven-inch single, and it looks as if it won't take another half-decade for the band to follow up the mini-platter. A new interview with baritone guitarist/vocalist Ian MacKaye reveals that the group are already writing their next album.

"Yeah, we're working on it now. We haven't gone in the studio yet, but we're writing," the musician told Free Press Houston. "Things seem to be going pretty slow on that front, but it's just the way it is. We practised this morning. We practise about three to four times a week if we can in the mornings. We are hoping in the next month or so to start really to getting to work on a full-length."

Though details are beyond scarce at this point, the as-yet-unrecorded, untitled LP will be the troupe's third overall. The Evens last album was 2006's Get Evens.

While the Evens seem to be out of hibernation mode, the interview regrettably confirms that MacKaye's long-dormant other band, Fugazi, won't be playing together anytime soon. Despite the interviewer tossing out an offer for the act to play the publication's Free Press Summer Fest, MacKaye held firm that it's just not the right time to do it.

"We may play again or we may not, but money will never be the factor that decides that," he said. "We've been offered extremely lucrative deals. Many people have pushed us many times about charitables and think it's such a good cause. No doubt, but it's not going to happen until it happens. There is nothing that is going to compel us to doing other than the four of us finding circumstances that will make it possible to do it in a way that feels right. It's never a question of desire or that we don't want to play music."

That said, if you're in the market for some live Fugazi, there are still hundreds of live recordings up for grabs via their massive concert archive project.