Hypocrisy Into The Abyss

It was not very long ago that Sweden's Hypocrisy supposedly released their last record (1997's The Final Chapter). Well, the band is still alive and have offered us a slab of Hypocrisy2K with Into The Abyss. The title of the album refers to the studio owned by bandleader Peter Tagtgren, (the Abyss) and is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek reference to how the record was recorded. The album itself was done at a lightening fast pace. It only took about five weeks to write, record and mix the whole thing. To be completely honest, the record does feel like it was rushed a little. Not that it is a bad record - I think this band is a little too talented to put out a bum disc. But if they would have worked on the actual songs a little more than they did, I think this could have really been a classic and not just a filler album in an otherwise proficient career. (Nuclear Blast)