Hypocrisy 10 Years of Chaos and Confusion

Celebrating a decade of state of the art melodic death metal, Hypocrisy has released this "best of" package, with a track listing chosen by their fans and the older cuts re-recorded. It's a pretty impressive affair, even though I've never completely been on board for the Hypocrisy experience. Still, one can't deny the sheer intensity of their later material, tracks like "The Final Chapter" and "Roswell 47" send a chill up my spine every time I hear them. As far as greatest hits packages go, it's good, but it is still not a necessity for anyone but the diehard Tagtgren fans (I know you're out there). However, it serves as a nice look back at an impressive career, one that has always been hard for me to warm up to, but gets a nod of approval just the same. (Nuclear Blast)