Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Capitol Music Club, Saskatoon SK, June 26

Photo: Alexandria Pavelich

BY Rory MacLeanPublished Jun 27, 2015

It was night and day. The club was quiet, then Hypnotic Brass Ensemble took the stage, and nearly everyone in the room rushed to the floor. Five minutes later, the venue was full. The vibe was hype; there was so much potential.

This was night two for the Chicago-based eight-piece, and apparently word of mouth was on their side. People came ready to party. The audience chanted along to their aptly named 2011 song, "Party Started."

The crowd was open to suggestion — perhaps too open. Midway through the set, guitarist Kevin "VoEra" Hunt put down his guitar and left the stage to meet a woman from the crowd in the green room. The sound tech rushed to the back to stop them and made him return to the stage.

Even as they continued playing without guitar, the momentum was building, but the band cut their set off early, just after midnight. The crowd was left standing around wondering if this was just a set break. Despite an intense period of foreplay, they never quite reached climax, leaving the audience unsatisfied.

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