HXLT "Work It Out" (video)

HXLT 'Work It Out' (video)
How's your morning been so far? Chances are it's probably going better for you than it is for G.O.O.D. Music singer/rapper HXLT, who is found getting into a big argument with his girlfriend in the new video for his "Work It Out."

The clip first finds the artist shaking the sleep our of his eyes before his partner dives into his day with a verbal attack. Rapping above a lean bass-and-hi-hat arrangement, he reports that his girlfriend offers up "absurd" arguments via their Saturday-to-Friday shouting matches.

Throughout, we see the woman screaming angrily behind HXLT as they pace through their shared apartment. Given that HXLT's passive-aggressively avoiding the situation by walking away from her, we're faced with what appears to be a seriously venomous relationship.

"Work It Out" comes from HXLT's recent self-titled debut.