How the Elwins Are Coping with Isolation: New Songs, 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and 'Fortnite'

"Find me at Salty Springs, I dare you"
How the Elwins Are Coping with Isolation: New Songs, 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and 'Fortnite'
The Elwins have been gearing up for a big 2020, as they released a new single titled "Take Me All the Way" with promises of a full-length to follow. Like nearly everyone, the coronavirus lockdown means they're currently laying low. They've been using the extra time to work on new material in their home studio — when they aren't having epic Fortnite sessions, that is. We caught up with keyboard/guitarist Feurd about what the Ontario band have been up to during lockdown.

What's your self-isolation setup?

I'm at home in the beautiful suburbs of Toronto! It's pretty relaxed. I'm lucky to be quarantined with another Elwins band member by the name of Francesco Figliomeni. We're roomies! The fridge is packed and we've been laying low. Frankie's watching Curb Your Enthusiasm and I'm playing Fortnite.

Are you working on any music while on lockdown?

Absolutely — we are lucky to have a home studio setup here, so we're trying to work on new songs and stay creative. It's going well. I feel like we could make the weirdest stuff right now to represent what all of our brains are going through. We've also just released a new single and have lots more in the pipeline coming soon for your quarantine entertainment!

What are you watching and listening to?

I mentioned that Frankie's watching Curb, but we also destroyed the new season of Ozark which was dope. Eric Slick (cool musician and drummer of Dr. Dog) has been posting some daily quarantine drum beats that I've been loving. We also did a Netflix party of Wet Hot American Summer — I forgot how amazing that movie is, it fracked me up watching it again. Also gotta pay close attention to whats going on with Lisa Gail — always.

How do you feel about the response to coronavirus?

I feel many things about the response — it seems a lot of the people I know are spreading the good word of social distancing. My hope is that everyone can do their part to the best of their abilities and this will start to slow down. Virtual hangs for now and we'll be back to normal soon!

Have you picked up any new hobbies or routines in isolation?

I've been working on my singing! My mom always told me I had a beautiful voice like Kenny G's smooth soprano saxophone. It's fun and is keeping me busy. Also been collaborating and conversing often with other musicians/friends/family, which has been awesome and showed me how connected we still are during this time of isolation. Something that's really helped me stay sane is getting off social media/news for periods of the day. Focusing on what I'm doing in the moment and trying to be fully present without distraction. Also, online games with friends has basically replaced going out, and it's really fun. Find me at Salty Springs, I dare you.

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