Hot Water Music / Thrice / Coheed and Cambria Rainbow, Montreal QC — October 15, 2002

Coheed and Cambria opened up the show and lived up to all the hype surrounding their debut album, The Second Stage Turbine Blade. With a hardcore Geddy Lee on vocals, Co&Ca not only break punk rock boundaries, but they set the standard for a new breed of emo-hardcore with their intricate guitar workings overlapped with striking vocals and infectious melodies. Thrice had an exceptionally warm welcome back to Montreal, captured the audience with their signature pop-hardcore sound. Always solid and always captivating, Thrice never fails to liven up a crowd. Headliner Hot Water Music rocked the venue, which was decorated more like a Bar Mitzvah party than a concert hall. Playing favourites from a variety of their many recordings, fans were extremely excited to hear the throaty singing and melodic guitar workings that are signature to HWM.