Horror Show Our Design

With singer Nicky Money (Dominic Palermo) unjustly incarcerated, it could be a while before any new material from Philadelphia's now infamous Horror Show surfaces, which is a shame, as this ten-song, almost 17-minute EP shows a band brimming with emotion and heart. Horror Show's sound isn't terribly unique, following well-trodden '80s hardcore punk paths, complete with tortuously shouted vocals, relentless tempos inter-cut with mid-paced plod and plenty of gang shouting. However, there's an emotional intensity, brutal honesty and unmitigated enthusiasm present in Our Design's ten caustic tracks that's refreshing and is made all the more powerful by Horror Show's straight-ahead jugular slashing and familiar sound. The production is as raw and frayed as the music, and truth be told, both could be cleaned up ever so slightly to sharpen Horror Show's attack. Not too much though, as with Horror Show it's all about the sentiment and rough edges. (Deathwish Inc.)