Honest Breed Everything Changes

This is the debut effort from Harvest Breed, a band out of Montreal. For a group just releasing their first album, they sure have scored quite a few musical boons: they've opened for My Morning Jacket, Dan Mangan and Basia Bulat, and their album was recorded by Mark Lawson, who has also worked with Arcade Fire. The end result is a beautiful, heartbreaking, organ- and banjo-tinged collection of songs, and the product answers any questions as to how this nascent group could have garnered such notable collaborations. Everything Changes is a solid album, from start to finish, but especially great tracks include "We Were Famous and We Kicked Walnut Leaves," "If You Come Home" and album opener "Don't Give up on Me." Harvest Breed play like they have their hearts on their sleeves and their efforts are well worth it. (Landlocked)