Hit-Boy "New Chains (James Somersett)" (video) (Kanye West rework)

Hit-Boy 'New Chains (James Somersett)' (video) (Kanye West rework)
Though Hit-Boy recently announced he's split from the G.O.O.D. Music crew, he managed to take a memento on his way out in the form of the beat for Yeezus single "New Slaves." Repurposing the minimalist electro pound of the original with some bars of his own, Hit-Boy has redubbed the track "New Chains (James Somersett)."

The video has the rapper/producer watching vintage footage of chain gangs with a pair of shackled-up ladies in shiny swimsuits, while also letting him sound off on the trappings of luxury ("I'm spending everything just to look good with my gang / New chains"). The song isn't a straight-up sonic bite, with Hit-Boy dirtying up the production via distorted vocals, prog-rock-ready synth swirls and more. He also skips out on the Frank Ocean-assisted rock outro of the original mindbender.

Also, if you're wondering who James Somersett is, he was a slave who used English and Welsh law to win his freedom in 1772.

You can check out the redo for yourself down below.