Hiretsukan End States

Calling it quits after their 2002 debut Invasive/Exotic, this New York quartet were literally begged by those at G7 to reform and release another record. The result is a scathing, 30-minute emotional scream fest worthy of their label’s grovelling. Intensely melodic and abrasive riffing akin to older Hopesfall is paired with slower, textured plucking that reoccurs often enough for there to be a sense of balance amidst the relentlessly disturbing, controlled chaos. The bludgeoning beats maintain a creativity that eludes most drummers, coming across as the perfect base for the lunacy that emerges vocally. The words are delivered at a pitch almost incomprehensible to the human ear, by a woman whose shrill and frantic style highlights the emotional appeal of their grandiose melodies. Hopefully this time around Hiretsukan will stick around long enough for G7 to properly tout their efforts. (G-7 Welcoming Committee)