Hinterland The Picture Plane

Vancouver’s Hinterland are back with their second album, which blends tones of new wave rock with a haze of dream pop. Utilising varied instrumentation like oboe, synths, EBow and even a glockenspiel, The Picture Plane does not like to sit still. The opener "Sirens” sets the pace with a fresh sound that wouldn’t sound out of place after bands like the Killers and their ilk. Hinterland’s intense sound does worryingly start to come across as a bit goth, most likely due to Michaela Galloway’s accomplished, otherworldly voice, which dominates throughout. As a result they can seem like a warmer, friendlier Evanescence. Fortunately, the songwriting and bright guitars on tracks like "Object Lessons” or "Halflife” keep the album from drifting too close to the clichéd sounds of the PVC and white-makeup set. The overall sound is great, and definitely works better during the quieter moments. (Stardust)