Hinterland Under The Waterline

Hinterland is the latest project of Michaela Galloway, who was formerly with Vancouver shoegazers the Electrosonics. Her childlike, Tori Amos-y vocals manage to offset moments of soft fragile trembles, to clarion-like highs, often sounding like she’s singing in a strange and exquisite accent. Her voice blends perfectly with the diverse instrumental blend of oboe and flute, to synthesisers, but they are able to maintain a rock sound with a mix of guitars, which brings to mind a more rock-oriented Delerium or Cocteau Twins. Hinterland will effortlessly go from sombre to upbeat within the same song and intermittently move into ethereal territory. Hinterland’s debut full-length "Under The Waterline” was given their encompassing sound by producer Jonathan Anderson of Radiogram and Jonathan Inc. Although they can captivate you when they let it loose, their quieter moments give an aura of concord. (Hybrid Electric)