Here Is the First of Danzig's Elvis Covers

Hear the Misfits frontman's take on "One Night" now

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 9, 2020

Later this month, Glenn Danzig will finally unleash his long-awaited Elvis Presley covers album, Danzig Sings Elvis. Ahead of its arrival, the Misfits frontman has now shared a first song from the effort.

Danzig's interpretation of "One Night" is the first to arrive, but as you can hear below, it's more faithful to the spirit of the original than one might have imagined.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the King's influence on his own music, Danzig explained, "I don't have that screechy, high metal voice, so I gravitated more to that kind of vocal style, like bluesier stuff. I've been pretty vocal about my influences, like Elvis or Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, things like that. Yeah, the deeper voice always worked for me better."

As far as choosing "One Night" for the album, Danzig told the site, "It's a great song. There's a lot of different versions of it that I did while I was in the studio with multiple vocal takes. I did some a little softer, some a little harder. Some in between. The one I decided on is the one I like the best."

Danzig Sings Elvis is officially set to arrive on April 17. Danzig had been planning a pair of all-Elvis shows that were set to take place in Los Angeles & San Francisco this month. Those shows have now been postponed.

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