Hella guitarist Spencer Seim releases solo album as sBACH

Hella guitarist Spencer Seim releases solo album  as sBACH
As the frenetic guitarist for math-prog virtuosos Hella and the frenetic drummer for Nintendo-core pioneers the Advantage, Spencer Seim is, well, frenetic. And the frenetic-ness will continue on August 19, just one week after Hella drummer Zach Hill releases his solo debut Astrological Straits for Ipecac, when Seim unleashes sBACH, his solo debut, on Suicide Squeeze .

This isn’t a record review, so I can save my futile attempt at describing the record for later. Instead, the Suicide Squeeze press release does a fantastic job (they even use the f-word): "sBACH by sBACH band is a frenetic mange akin to the collective sights, sounds and sugar rushes in the heads of an entire elementary school being locked into a Chuck E. Cheese franchise while having to subside on an all you can eat buffet of Fun Dip and Pixie Stix as the animatronic band dishes out phosphorescent doom riffs while running amok with the blips and bleeps. Seim is the master of playing his instruments in just the right way enabling a whole frequency of sounds. Taking cues from the choppy spazz-math of Hella and the 8-bit Nintendo cacophony of the Advantage, Seim utilizes the trademarks steez and proclivities of his two musical ventures to create a new one which morphs into a kitschy, stoner rock fuelled archfiend chock full of bastardized jazz rhythms and chicken scratch electronica. With the grating jingles and chimes of an explosion at a pinball machine factory and the caffeinated scour of just about any song that features Seim's vivid musical talent, sBACH will fray the senses and leave you begging for more.