Heems "Home" (ft. Dev Hynes) / "Tell Me a Poem"

Heems 'Home' (ft. Dev Hynes) / 'Tell Me a Poem'
With Das Racist having broken up a couple of years back, Heems seems to be on the lookout for new collaborative partners, since he has teamed up with Dev Hynes (better known as Blood Orange) for a new track.

"Home" appears on Heems' forthcoming album Eat, Pray, Thug. The song sports clattering percussion and half-sung/half-rapped breakup lyrics. These down-to-earth elements are matched with some reverb-hazed vocal hooks and sparse, twinkling instrumentation.

Heems told Rolling Stone that this song has a long history. "I wrote some of the lyrics in college at Wesleyan, some before Das Racist in Bushwick and most of it in my engineer Daniel Lynas' old studio with Dev in Dumbo," he said.

Also below, hear the Eat, Pray, Thug outtake "Tell Me a Poem," which sports stark beats and lyrics that touch on racial issues and more esoteric, personal reflections.

Eat, Pray, Thug will be out on March 10 through Greedhead/Megaforce.