Heavy Trash Heavy Trash

Coming on the heels of the Blues Explosion’s grossly overlooked latest album, Damage, Jon Spencer here teams up with expat Canadian guitarist Matt Verta-Ray for this collection of original garage blues nuggets. Much more easy rockin’ and possessing a stronger mid-’60s vibe than anything the JSBX have done, Heavy Trash exudes an immediate charm, although not much beyond that. Spencer is in top form though, somehow managing to channel Iggy Pop and Jerry Lee Lewis at the same time on "The Loveless,” and Verta-Ray’s vintage guitar sound is a treat to hear throughout. Unfortunately, the lack of a solid rhythm section is the album’s Achilles heel and really prevents Heavy Trash from being a satisfying listening experience, instead of the lark that it ultimately is. If Spencer and Verta-Ray decide to do it again, hopefully they’ll put in a bit more effort. They owe their heroes at least that much. (Yep Roc)