Hear Two New Songs from Vancouver's Jasper Sloan Yip

"Strange Calm" and "Silver Lining" come ahead of the singer-songwriter's double EP
Hear Two New Songs from Vancouver's Jasper Sloan Yip
Contrary to popular belief, two isn't always better than one. But in the case of BC-based artist Jasper Sloan Yip sharing two new singles today, the old cliché holds up. "Strange Calm" and "Silver Lining" are the next singles from Yip's forthcoming double EP — his first project since the 2017 album Post Meridiem

Strange Calm / Blushing Autumn is slated for an October 26 release via Tiny Kingdom. "Strange Calm" and "Silver Lining" follow the collection's first double-single, "Gin Fizz" / "Halcyon Dream."

Produced by Jordan Koop (Orville Peck, Wolf Parade), Yip started recording the album on Gabriola Island just before the first lockdown in March of 2020. Born of coming to terms with his grief and climate anxiety, the six songs of Strange Calm were completed within a week; Yip and his bandmates went into isolation with the rest of the world and the tracks laid in wait.

Exactly year later, he recorded Blushing Autumn in Vancouver with John Raham (Destroyer, Tanya Tagaq) — four songs about his upcoming venture into fatherhood and a sense of renewed hope.

The singer-songwriter said in a statement:

We all spent a year inside; not just in our homes, but inside of ourselves. For me, it began with the surreal experience of life imitating art in a scary way. I was ready to accept certain fates... But it didn't go the way that I expected. And now, the strange calm that I was struggling with for so long is gone — and the world feels new again.

"Silver Lining" and "Strange Dream" capture both the unease and sense of serenity Yip describes having waded in and out of, fluxing and flowing in delay. They revel in juxtaposition, both beautiful and haunting; organically raw and eerily ambient.

You can listen to both tracks below, and watch the musician's self-directed underwater video for "Strange Calm."