The Haxan Cloak Accuses Jay Z's Tidal of Ripping Off His Music

The Haxan Cloak Accuses Jay Z's Tidal of Ripping Off His Music
Jay Z got some high-profile help launching his Tidal streaming service this morning (March 30) with celebrities like Kanye West, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jack White, Coldplay and Madonna joining in a viral social media campaign and changing their profile pictures to a blue background to show their support for the new service.
One artist who likely won't be changing his profile picture is the Haxan Cloak. The UK-based electronic musician (real name Bobby Krlic) has called out Hova's new business on Twitter, accusing the streaming company of ripping off his music in an ad without permission.
The ad features the aforementioned celebrity guests, as well as some music that sounds eerily familiar. As pointed out by Pitchfork, the clip references Krlic's "Mara" and "The Mirror Reflecting, Pt. 1" from the Haxan Cloak's 2013 album Excavation.

Krlic followed up his accusations, explaining in another 140 characters that Tidal was not outright using his music in the clip, but rather soundtracking the commercial with an imitation of his own work.
The Haxan Cloak's label, Tri Angle Records, also joined in the conversation on Twitter, and it doesn't sound happy. You can hear the original version of the Haxan Cloak's "Mara" below.