Haviah Mighty Questions Shifting Energies with "Obeah"

Watch a new video for the Canadian rapper's latest

BY Allie GregoryPublished Feb 12, 2021

Haviah Mighty has reunited with producer Mighty Prynce for a new single honouring her Caribbean heritage. The song, titled "Obeah," arrives with its own music video, which you can watch below.

Directed by Jesse Dart of Die Fire Films along with production company Cultiv8, the song's accompanying video sees a cameo by Haviah's father, who is also sampled on the track. Dealing with the themes of trust, loyalty, betrayal and deceit, the song is an homage to Haviah's family and their teachings — and a warning to clout chasers.

Haviah offered the following statement about the song:

I've navigated life off the strength of my parents' teachings, and one of those [notable] teachings is to be mindful of the company you keep and of those you call your friends. Especially as I work hard to further push my art out into the world, it's becoming increasingly necessary that I keep these thoughts front of mind. I've lost a lot of 'friends' and have evolved outside of certain circles and relationships, and looking back at many of them, I've questioned where loyalties truly lie at times. As I achieve more in my career, the energies of those around me have sometimes shifted.

Being of Caribbean descent, I've heard many stories throughout my life of 'Obeah man' and 'Obeah woman' from family and friends, 'Obeah' being an occult power and celebrated secret religion which disturbs the natural flow of events by way of spells, spirituality and hidden practices. Though difficult to define, it is a religion of resistance, a belief that you can manipulate yours or other peoples' destinies — often used in the context of those people that are close to you, but aspire to cause you harm by thought or action. This song, using this Jamaican reference, speaks directly to the idea that the energy around you can bring you down, and that sometimes it's those that are closest to you that you need to be aware of.

Check out her latest video below.


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