Hatesphere The Killing EP

Honestly, with a name that generic and clumsy and a sound that’s unremarkable in many ways, I’m not entirely sure if I’ve even heard Hatesphere before this four-song EP. They’ve got three albums out though, so someone’s been keeping this Danish band employed. And for all their predictability, Hatesphere’s take on melodic death and thrash is a real barnstormer, propelled along by a drunken, near-loose rage that recalls the blurry vision of current Entombed, but with less spit-shine and more Gothenburg precision. Three originals, all of which go in one ear and out the other, but not without a bit of head-banging notice that makes the listener think, for a brief moment, that it’d be wise to check this band out come next album. This EP closes off with a cool and thrashed-out cover of the mighty Suicidal Tendencies anthem "Trip at the Brain.” (SPV)