Hanson Brothers It's a Living

This live album from the infamous Hanson Brothers oozes Canadiana from every Ramones-inspired riff. Songs like "My Game" allude to the aforementioned New York quartet's darker moments, while tracks like "Danielle (She Don't Care About Hockey)" or "We're Brewing" show the brothers Hanson in all their tongue-in-cheek glory. At 27 tracks, spanning a large portion of the band's career, this disc makes for a great introduction to this quintessential Canadian punk (puck?) rock band. The production is excellent, allowing all the instruments to shine without overpowering each other, and the vocals ring clear and true. Coupled with the live album is an instructional, and quite informative, video from Johnny Hanson that walks you through how to brew your own beer, making It's a Living a near-perfect package for any fan of straightforward pop punk. (Wrong)