Hannah Georgas Imprints

Hannah Georgas Imprints
Hannah Georgas's EP of tributes to different influential female artists is a good showcase for exactly how varied those are. The four covers on her latest EP include work by Eurythmics, Tegan and Sara, Janet Jackson and the Cranberries, artists that Georgas has praised for their own unique artistic styles. Georgas pays tribute with varying degrees of success; some of the covers are new, inspired takes on some old classics, while others don't go far beyond imitations of the originals.
Georgas sounds most at home on "Back In Your Head," trading out Tegan and Sara's original indie rock take for a slower, piano-based interpretation. It's a richly emotional version of the song, showcasing the vulnerability behind Tegan and Sara's lyricism. As well, her take on "No Need to Argue" effectively captures the pleading nature of the Cranberries' original, and the single shows a fair bit of similarity between Georgas and Dolores O'Riordan. Georgas is at her best when she finds ways to meld her own musical approach to other artists' songs, and she particularly succeeds on these two tracks.
Other covers, like Janet Jackson's "That's the Way Love Goes" and Eurythmics' "Love Is a Stranger" are perfectly serviceable tributes, yet they rely more on nostalgia to make them work. "That's The Way Love Goes" has been praised for its timeless production, but Georgas's take feels like a recreation more than a new, fresh interpretation. "Love Is a Stranger" does a decent job of recreating the electronic ambiance of the original, but goes no further. It's new wave via contemporary indie pop, where Georgas provides a modern update on a track that was already fairly modern to begin with.
Hearing Georgas take on these four songs is most interesting when she really tries to make the songs her own. Her risks mostly pay off, and the EP loses some steam when she plays it safe. Taken as a tribute EP, Imprints works well with its homages, even if it would be more fun to hear Georgas assert herself more as her own artist. (Independent)