Half Moon Run "Call Me in the Afternoon" (video)

Half Moon Run 'Call Me in the Afternoon' (video)
Montreal folk trio Half Moon Run released their debut album, Dark Eyes, earlier this year through Indica/Outside. Now, they've rolled out a video for the latest single from the album, "Call Me in the Afternoon."

The clip, which was shot near Portland by a fan of the band, shows a woman hanging out in the forest while hands emerge from the trees and disembodied mouths appear in the sky to sing along with the harmony-drenched acoustic tune. There's all sorts of unexplained phenomena here, from sudden bursts of fire to swarming wildlife and floating handprints, making for a curious and intriguing video.

Half Moon Run are currently touring the U.S. with Metric. They will then link up with Patrick Watson. See their schedule here.