Half Japanese Hello

Recording juggernaut Jad Fair continues his perpetual output with a new album from his revolving-door band, Half Japanese, which first began back in 1977. The current group have spent enough time working with Jad to bring a fresh musicality to the proceedings, taking full advantage of Fair's manic verbosity, overt romanticism and strong rhythmic underpinning. The band's infusion of bright melodies mirror some of Fair's sweetest lyrics to date on the album's opening cuts, "All The Angels Said Go To Her" and "Patty," referring to Fair's newly wed wife. The rollicking high-energy of "Mississippi" and "Best of the Best" also stand out on Hello, an album bubbling over with giddy energy. The once nomadic Fair, who recently settled in Austin, TX, chose Toronto's Hallamusic to record this latest effort with this international band, featuring Toronto guitar-slinger Dallas Good (Sadies), Austin guitarist Rob Erickson (Adult Rodeo), Swiss drummer Gilles-V. Rieder and long time Half Jap band-mates guitarist John Sluggett and bassist Jason Willett. (Alternative Tentacles)