Hacride Lazarus

Although comparing Hacride to Gojira may seem like an obvious parallel to draw, the similarities between the two groups at this point in their respective careers are difficult to ignore. That said, who can fault a band that bear many similarities to another when ill-conceived metal acts rip off each other in the mainstream constantly and nobody complains? Hacride play a particularly epic blend of aggressive groove metal and atmospheric sludge, touching on a handful of more subtle influences along the way. The group's longwinded, yet effective, songwriting chops, best exemplified on the ambitious 15-minute opening track, have been honed over the years to the point where they can handle tackling such monumental compositions. With less of a focus on skull-rattling breakdowns than Gojira, the group lean more toward creating an overall ambience, and are generally successful in that respect. That said, their evolution towards a moodier sound has pushed them a little closer to the post-metal category, making them slightly more generic sounding than on their earlier, more direct releases. Hacride are an album or two away from perfecting their style but none the less, are further along the path than many of their contemporaries. (Listenable)