Guttermouth Gusto

The most politically incorrect and offensive - and not in a good, clever or ironic way - of the Orange County pop punk bands decides that perhaps after seven albums, it's time to try something new. While the lyrics on this disc's 14 tracks continue in the "trying to be as funny as the Vandals and failing miserably" tradition of their previous six albums, the music is not as repetitive as some of the other stuff. Sure, there are the token rapid-fire melodic punk ditties, but tracks like "Gusto," "Contagious," "Twins" and "Foot-Long" branch out into the countrified punk territory of Social Distortion and X, while "My Town" sounds like an homage to the B-52's and Devo, and "Looking Out for #1" recalls the Celt-core of Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys. Give them a hand for attempting to diversify their sound, but it doesn't alter the fact their "humour" is still puerile and stunted, and not in a good way. (Epitaph)