Guttermouth Live at the House of Blues

Guttermouth’s Live at the House of Blues compiles episode six of Kung Fu Records’ The Show Must Go Off live series. The astonishing feature regarding this series is that both the CD and DVD of every captured concert are provided in each package. As for the performance itself, Guttermouth deliver 21 well-executed and recorded songs, spanning their snotty musical career thus far. Furthermore, fans won’t be disappointed as such classics as "Asshole,” "1..2..3..Slam,” "Mr. Barbeque,” "End on 9” and "Can I Borrow Some Ambition” are included in the set list. Visually speaking, the band’s somewhat, notorious stage presence is replaced by a predictable and mediocre stage show, leaving the DVD component of the release somewhat limp, no matter how often Mark Adkins tries to insult the crowd. (Kung Fu)