Gutter Demons Misery Madness And Murder Lullabies

Montreal’s Gutter Demons have always been a trio capable of advancing the state of psychobilly beyond the traditional. However, it is with latest effort Misery Madness And Murder Lullabies that they break into their own. Brash and aggressive while still full of their inherently catchy choruses, there are passion and grace put forth on these 13 tracks that only come when self-confidence equals musical enthusiasm and ability. Shifting between mid-tempo twang and double-time punk rock beats without sacrificing integrity, Misery Madness And Murder Lullabies is the perfect blend of Man In Black country, Sick Boy punk and shuffling rockabilly. Were more bands of this ilk able to rely on their own influences and prowess, as opposed to struggling to fit the mould, psychobilly as a whole might not seem so pigeonholed and static. (Wolverine)