Grizzly Bear "Gun Shy" (Lindstrøm remix)

Grizzly Bear 'Gun Shy' (Lindstrøm remix)
The original version of Grizzly Bear's "Gun Shy," off of last year's celebrated Shields, was a slow-boiling slice of blue-eyed soul, spiked with the Brooklyn group's familiar and fantastic vocal harmonies. Norwegian electronic master Lindstrøm has now taken the tune in a new direction with a dancey remix that almost entirely scrubs the vocals.

Lindstrøm hones in on percussive '90s synth stabs and squiggly midi leads for the first half of the song before finally ushering in Ed Droste's vocals atop an airy bed of white noise, but brings everything back to a house-geared huff-and-puff before calling it a day.

You can stream it down below, or buy it on iTunes via Warp.