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Grizzly Bear - Shields
By Ian GormelyEach Grizzly Bear record has been a major leap forward from the previous, so it's a bit disappointing to discover that Shields, the Brooklyn, NY band's fourth, is more of a step to the side. Veckatimest was the culmination of the quartet's intricate arrangements and lush harmonies. After an aborted attempt to record the album in Marfa, TX, Grizzly Bear went back to Cape Cod, where they tracked Veckatimest, and Shields continues in its vein. The playing is looser and there's a raw quality to the vocals that gives the album a sense of time and place their previous efforts have lacked. But these ten tracks don't posses the focus and precision of songs like "Two Weeks," coming across like unmastered leftovers from the last album's sessions. Still, tracks like "Yet Again" and "Gun-Shy" easily best 95-percent of the indie-minded bands that currently call Brooklyn home. It's just that after eight years of charting their own course, it's a shame to find Grizzly Bear spinning their wheels.
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Well described, sir Gormely, I completely agree.
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A sadly confused publication that could do a lot better. Sorry that Gormley wasn't a more capable writer or reviewer. Pound for pound, this is an outstanding album, and though exclaim, by aggregator logic, is an outlier, when a publication is an outlier and sucks simultaneously, that's not a good thing.
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played the fartbells on track 7
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Couldn't agree less, this album seems like the next logical step in the bands consistently upward trajectory. Compositionally, its one of the most interesting albums I've heard in a very long time, and while it might not have jangly pop hooks a la Two Weeks, this isn't a weakness, as they more then make up for their absense by putting together a group of songs that really, truly reveals the 4 members collaboration. This isn't an Ed Droste record, this isn't a Daniel Rossen record, its the truest Grizzly Bear record to date, and theres nothing more refreshing in my mind.
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I disagree wholeheartedly. The sound of this album is a complete step forward for them. The number of genres 'Shields" succeeds in intertwining is astounding. And furthermore, I believe they put sincere effort into each track to ensure that they propel that 'future sound' they are after (with much success). Maybe give it another listen or two.
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If Grizzly Bear are "spinning their wheels" with their first release after vecktamist, I pose the question...... So?
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