Grimes Tears Apart 'Art Angels' and Calls It "a Piece of Crap"

Grimes Tears Apart 'Art Angels' and Calls It 'a Piece of Crap'
Photo: Rick Clifford
Back in 2015, Grimes topped our Top 20 Pop & Rock Albums list with Art Angels — a record we heralded as a "masterwork of provocative, powerful pop." However, it appears Claire "c" Boucher has changed her tune when looking back at her 2015 record.

In conversation with Cultured magazine, Boucher said of Art Angels, "The last album was a piece of crap...I feel like people really misread it and it feels like a stain on my life."

She added that as opposed to a pop record, she considered it "more of a genre exercise in which she demonstrated her range as a producer."

She continued: "I just wish I could make music in a vacuum. It's good to make people mad actually, I retract my statement. If you can make people mad without actually hurting anyone, that's probably a good thing."

The interview also found Boucher expanding further on her forthcoming album Miss_Anthropocene.

"It's sort of about this demon of the end of the world, this character that's like the Voldemort of climate change," she explained. "She's relishing the end of the world, and it's an album about how great fucking climate change is."

The interview also mentions select songs from the album, with titles including "Shall I Compare Thee," "So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth" and "My Name Is Dark." You can read the interview here.