Grimes Has Given Her Unborn Baby the Name "WarNymph" on Twitter and Instagram

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jan 22, 2020

Grimes recently announced that she was with child, an expectant mother with the offspring of her and (we're all guessing) longtime partner Elon Musk. Now, the most pressing question of our time is what the hell will the name the thing? While we don't have an answer just yet, we do know what the baby's social media handles will be.

Grimes shared the above CGI image of a baby on her social media, linking to a Twitter page under the username WarNymph:

That handle also works on Instagram, but both pages are private. That makes sense — we should probably respect the baby's privacy, after all.

When people asked Grimes about the page, she suggested that the CGI infant was a "de-aged digital clone":

Not to be overshadowed by the baby she's having, it's also worth remembering that Grimes will also release a new album this year. Miss Anthropocene arrives February 21 via Crystal Math Music/4AD.

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