Great Lake Swimmers Invite Fans to Help Give Lost Channels a Deluxe Makeover

Great Lake Swimmers Invite Fans to Help Give <i>Lost Channels</i> a Deluxe Makeover
Toronto, ON indie folk heroes Great Lake Swimmers released quite the record with last year's Lost Channels. The album, their fourth, was an utter success, even clinching the album of the year for our Wood Wires & Whiskey section. Now, with the Lost Channels vinyl nearly sold out, the band have announced a deluxe reissue.

Here's the best part: they've asked their fans to decide what will make the record so deluxe. On their website, they write, "As we plan the release, we wanted to know what you would including [sic] in your dream Lost Channels vinyl pack? Digital album? Tee shirt? Exclusive artwork? Bonus tracks? Lyrics? Extra 7"? Digital EPs? Lithograph? Hidden golden ticket redeemable for merch?"

To state your opinion on what should be included, point your attention here.

The Lost Channels vinyl reissue does not have a release date, but is expected later this spring.