Great Lake Swimmers "Ballad of a Fisherman's Wife" (video)

Great Lake Swimmers 'Ballad of a Fisherman's Wife' (video)
Great Lake Swimmers have already released a few music videos from this year's New Wild Everywhere, and now the folksy Torontonians are back at it with a clip for "Ballad of a Fisherman's Wife."

The video for this laid-back acoustic number finds the band enjoying some nice weather in the Lake Fleet Group of the Thousand Islands archipelago. They soak up the beautiful surroundings, go cliff-jumping and perform in some scenic locations, including a boat on the water and on the shoreline by the lake.

This isn't the first time Great Lake Swimmers have introduced fans to the Thousand Islands; they recently scored an e-book about the archipelago.

New Wild Everywhere is available through Nettwerk.