Graham Nash Says David Crosby Planned to Apologize Before His Death

"He never called, and then he was gone"

BY Allie GregoryPublished Feb 9, 2023

Following the death of founding Crosby, Stills and Nash member David Crosby last month, former bandmate Graham Nash has opened up about his late friend in an interview with AARP

Reflecting on their decades-long, sometimes-fraught relationship, Nash began, "I think one of the only things that we can do, particularly me, is only try to remember the good times. Try to remember the great music that we made. I'm only going to be interested in the good times, because if I concentrate on the bad times, it gets too weird for me."

Nash revealed that he spoke with the late musician right before his passing, sharing that Crosby had asked to set up a call so that he could apologize: "The fact is that we were getting a little closer at the end," Nash said. "He had sent me a voicemail saying that he wanted to talk to apologize, and could we set up a time to talk."

He continued: "I emailed him back and said, 'Okay, call me at 11 o'clock tomorrow your time, which is two o'clock on the East Coast.' He never called, and then he was gone."

When interviewer Rob Tannenbaum wondered aloud if Crosby had asked to set up the call because he knew he was dying, Nash responded, "You know, I've thought about that myself. He was a very intelligent man. I wouldn't put it past him to know that he was actually at the very end. The truth is, Rob, we've been expecting David to pass for 20 years."

He continued: 

Since his liver transplant and all his stents. He had seven stents. His body was really failing. But once again, I can only try to remember the good times, because we had many of them.

I just saw a BBC program that Crosby and I did, I think, in '71, and it was just incredibly beautiful. It was "Guinnevere," with just me and David singing. I just keep that in the forefront of my mind. I only want to concentrate on the good things that we did.

The pair had still been dealing with their interpersonal problems as recently as 2021, when Crosby revealed that he hadn't "talked [with Nash] for a couple of years," adding, "And I'm not going to talk to him. I don't want to talk to him. I'm not happy with him at all. To me, that's all ancient history, man." When they reconciled remains unclear. 

Crosby had been very vocal about his beef with both Nash and Neil Young in the past. He, however, remained friendly with Stephen Stills, for whom he had "a lot of hero worship."

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