Under The Sign Of Hell

BY Elliott MinaradiPublished Jan 24, 2008

It may be remastered but thankfully, it sounds no different. Gorgoroth’s timeless Under The Sign Of Hell is getting a second run thanks to Regain Records, and any raw black metal fans who missed out the first time around should be out to right the wrong. It’s all here: the frost, the glass in the throat, the near-cartoon-ish, thwack-y snare, and the cryptic Norse deliberations on darkness and the great outdoors. Even the layout is in monochrome. The songs contain no fuss, no delicate arrangements, just a lot of channelled grief and evacuations of the soul. It might even be brutal, if the word meant anything anymore. A word of warning: this record has the potential to stoke a romantic fondness near-inappropriate within black metal, so be sure to turn the lights off before you smile or outwardly celebrate these religious 30 minutes.

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