Gord Downie's Twitter Account Is Teasing Something

A countdown and handwritten lyrics have been shared
Gord Downie's Twitter Account Is Teasing Something
Photo: Kim Jay
Months after the news that the Tragically Hip were preparing to open the vault for some planned archival projects, the Twitter account of late frontman Gord Downie has shared a few teasers.

Having been inactive since October 2019, Downie's account shared a photo earlier this week (August 31) of some handwritten lyrics set against a colourful quilt. The lyric sheet points to the title "River Don't Care," with the song being the fifth in a set. That post was followed by a second shot of the lyric sheet shared yesterday (September 2). Both posts also feature what appears to be a countdown, pointing to October 15. Downie passed away on October 17, 2017, following a battle with glioblastoma. That year saw him release final solo album Introduce Yerself, which arrived posthumously after being announced in September 2017.

In June, it was reported that longtime Hip manager Jake Gold would work with the Downie family to ready previously unshared solo material by the late frontman for release as part of the group's archival projects.